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Reiki Energy Balancing

Own your original sense of freedom with Reiki, a subtle Universal healing energy, gently offered to balance one’s body, spirit, and emotions. This essential energy therapy is offered on its own, or as an add-on to any massage or wellness therapy.

The tones & sound create healing waves of vibration that increase natural energy flow, which opens and re-calibrates the body’s magnetic force field (aura) and supports release at a cellular level. Inanna, a modern day mystic, combines tonal chanting Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an ancient Japanese practice that was discovered in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki energy balance is a subtle form of hands on energy work, which easily awakens “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki energy brings to the client to a state of deep healing that nourishes and balances one’s body, mind, emotions and spirit. Befriend your body, and allow for your Soul’s purpose to unfold. This is offered as a clothes-on therapy, or as an add-on to any massage or ozone steam.

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30 min …………$60
60 min………….$95
90 min………….$125

15 min Harmonic Sound Healing add-on to any wellness service $25