Inanna Prana ~ Synergy Sessions

I invite you to experience the personalized, transformational qualities of a Synergy Session as a single service or blended into a customized wellness day or spa package.
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Tap into transformative touch , and cellular healing…

Inanna blends intuitive therapeutic massage, integrative mindful methods, restorative energy balancing and hands on prana healing to release physical trauma and ignite cellular healing.

“I invite you to experience the transformational qualities of the Prana and Synergy sessions. This is your gateway to the fascinating world of subtle energy and pranic healing. By tapping into the bodies natural healing intelligence, the heart remembers to resonate in joy, truth and clarity. Experience transformational healing within yourself.” ~ Inanna Hall

    • Choosing to free the energetic form, releases heavy residue in the emotional body.
    • Your divine energy body is vibrant and flowing freely after a Prana healing session.
    • Ignite the cosmic conscious matrix. This matrix is in all of us, anchoring our original divine design and human blueprint.
    • The body is designed to flow earthly and heavenly energy in the physical body.
    • Awaken the chakra system with harmonic sound healing.
    • Learn body based tools to support your ongoing transformation.

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How do you feel in your body, your, mind, your life currently?

Do you desire to live fully, with energy, passion, and joy? Dive into your full potential for health and wholeness. Inanna Prana is a proven and effective path toward healing at all levels. Body ~ Mind ~ Energy ~ Spirit.

As a master bodyworker, wellness guide and yoga instructor, my goal is to support you on your path and personal holistic approach to wellness. Certified in 1994, at the Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy, my continued studies of the healing arts include additional certifications in Ashiatsu™, Cranial~Sacral Therapy, Spinal Reflex Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki Master Level, and Classical Hatha and Prana Yoga Instruction.

Together, we will customize your session to inspire your body’s regenerative capacity. Understanding that everyone’s body has the inner wisdom to heal, we’ll transform stress into success, and explore new dimensions of health in support of your journey. As the owner and operator, my commitment is to support and guide you in managing stress, chronic pain and finding personal inner balance. At Harmony Health Massage & Wellness Spa our unique, wellness menu and time-honored therapies will reshape your life into wholeness and balance.

Synergy Sessions ~ A La Carte

Experience a transformational treatment, designed to ignite your healing process, clear trauma and balance energy.

60 min $190
90 min $250
Ignite (3 Sessions)
60 min $540 Save $30
90 min $710 Save $40
Healthy Home Visit

Home clearing ceremony to create harmonious space and promote deep relaxation and healing integration.

60 min $275
Vitality Packages ~ Empower Wellness

Experience transformation, in high vibe mountain style, with our talented wellness team.

Balance $255
60 min Harmony Massage $130
30 min Bliss Skin Savy $85
30 min O2 Oxygen Therapy $40
Nourish $430
60 min High Altitude Massage $150
60 min O2 Rescue Skin Treatment $160
30 min Cranial Sacral Therapy $80
30 min O2 Oxygen Therapy $40
Inspire $480
60 min Choose Synergy Session ~ OR ~ $190
90 min High Altitude Massage $205
90 min Wellness Warrior Renew Facial $190
30 min Infrared Sauna $40
30 min O2 Oxygen Therapy $40
One travel size jar ~ Botanical Muscle Salve Single Serve $20
Choose Synergy Session or High Altitude Massage to delight all the senses. Synergy will be $15 Upgrade / Special Pricing $15