While studying shiatsu in Boulder I enrolled in an 11-month program learning integrative massage at Healing Spirits. This practice has enriched my life and brought gifts of qigong, meditation and yoga. My specialties in bodywork meld accupressure with deep tissue and Swedish massage. Treating the needs of the whole person includes addressing unique physical and energetic issues, specifically those in the shoulders and hips. Connecting with people has always been my passion, and this field allows me the opportunity to do so with each client on a profound level.

I became interested in massage when I was young, giving hand and shoulder massages to my family. I’d trade shoulder rubs with my grandma, feeling her gentleness and how her touch always came from a place of love. Those memories have held a special place in my heart. I decided to apply to Heart Mind Shiatsu after receiving treatment for severe and chronic hip pain. Here I explored a connected, client-involved, and integrated approach to overall health through bodywork.

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