Mackenzie received her Associate’s of Occupational Science degree from The Colorado School of Healing Arts, in 2015, where she graduated with dual mastery in oncology medical massage, and reflexology. She completed her End of Life Doula certification in 2018 and volunteers with local hospice programs to provide support to local families. Her modalities range from light energy work to deep myo-fascial release and Ashiatsu. Facilitating sacred containers for grief, trauma, and transformation, for her community and network, are where her connective passions rest. Mack feels that her most regenerative sessions occur when clients feel safe enough to relax into calm and receive mindful touch. She skilfully facilitates a space of slow-paced attunement,  she strives to create an experience where the mind is not gripping to reality but rather settles in a halfin-halfout awareness. When she’s away from the massage table she is enjoying all seasonal recreation, sitting in ceremony, or sitting in front of her easel you can check out her work at

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