O2 Bliss Bar | High altitude wellness

O2 Bliss Bar | High altitude wellness

Did you know that Harmony Health and Massage not only provides relaxing and therapeutic massages, but we now have oxygen readily available to boost your brain and blood?

If you are visiting from a lower altitude, a lot of the time adjusting to Breckenridge’s high altitude can be a bit tough at first. Many times visitors get altitude sickness, which is your body’s response to exposure to lower oxygen levels in the air. You can also become quickly dehydrated from the higher rate of water vapor lost from your lungs. The symptoms of altitude sickness often resemble the flu and include headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and insomnia. The best way to kick these symptoms to the curb? Lots of water, and oxygen!

Good thing Harmony Health & Massage can help you with that!

We offer both a relaxing oxygen treatment in our Bliss Massage chairs, and the option to add oxygen to any of your therapy sessions and massages. Not only can receiving oxygen help treat altitude sickness, but it furthers your relief of stress in a major way, and leaves you feeling energized.

Are you experiencing the symptoms above? Are you just stressed out and tired? Come in today to try our O2 Bliss Massage! You won’t regret it. Complete with complimentary tea, hot chocolate, or a nice big glass of water, and the amazing views of the mountain.

Come see us today!
Call to book your appointment at 970-453-2257 or feel free to walk-in and grab a seat! Located at 326 S. Main Street in Breckenridge and open 10am-8pm 7 days a week! We can’t wait to meet you and help you feel better.




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Balance ~ Nourish ~ Inspire. As a master bodyworker, wellness guide and yoga instructor, in support of your journey, I am joyful to offer you a holistic approach to wellness. Certified in 1994, at the Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy, my continued studies of the healing arts include additional certifications in Ashiatsu™, Cranial~Sacral Therapy, Spinal reflex Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki Master Level, and Classical Yoga Instruction.Together, we will customize your session to inspire your body’s regenerative capacity. Understanding that everyone’s body has the inner wisdom to heal, we’ll transform stress into success, and explore new dimensions of health. As the owner and operator, my commitment is to support and guide you in managing stress and chronic pain. At Harmony Health our unique, wellness menu and time honored therapies will reshape your life into wholeness and balance.

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