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Vicky Young
Vicky YoungHomeopath
I trained as a homoeopath at the Lakeland College of Homoeopathy in Regent’s Park, London and graduated in 2007 gaining the qualification of MLC(Hom). Since that time I have been working as a pharmacist at Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy in Covent Garden, London and in private clinical practice. I am registered liscenced practitioner with the North American Society of Homoeopaths (NASH) RSHom(NA). Within my practice I may use flower essences, reiki healing or a healing modality known as Heart Thread if requested or needed.

$90 New Patient Consultation 60 min
$60 Existing Patient Follow up 30 min

Have you ever found yourself becoming increasingly frustrated when searching for answers for your healthcare needs? Are the cause of your symptoms being fully addressed and resolved?

Have you  found yourself stuck between the doctor’s prescription pad and wondering if there is a way to help your body through symptoms alongside traditional medicine? Are you feeling out of balance, with feelings of being not quite right?

If you are in any of these situations you may wish to consider using homeopathic medicine to rebalance your system. We all need help at various stages in our lives as we can become out of balance due to stress, not eating right, not having enough rest or sleep, or being generally overwhelmed with life. Symptoms in the body are showing you that one or some of your systems have become disrupted and need to be helped back into proper function.

Homeopathy is an energy medicine which is proven to be an effective treatment in many clinical studies and is used widely throughout the world. Since it is an energetic system of healing there are no unwanted side effects as all remedies are made from natural substances in very high dilutions. After taking homeoapthic remedies for the first time a person may find that the body starts to let go of toxins and emotions which have been held as the body needs to cleanse. As you can imagine, the energy levels of the patient naturally start to improve as the body begins to function more easily.

So when can homoeopathy be used?

Homoeopathy can be used to balance a wide range of symptoms in all stages of life. It can be used to help with pregnancy issues such as morning sickness, common children’s ailments, bed-wetting, adolescent issues such as acne, hormonal imbalance, stress and exam anxiety. It is very useful for stressed new mothers, or overwhelmed mothers who have children who don’t sleep, or who have behavioural issues or just to help with the transition into a new stage of life. It is particularly useful to build a child’s immune system to work with reoccurring ear infections, respiratory ailments and common coughs and colds. Homeopathy is the only safe medicine for pregnant women and babies, as remedies are non toxic and there is no danger or  fear of overdose.

For all ages, homoeopathy may be used to treat the symptoms of allergies and hay fever, anxiety and panic attacks, cystitis, depression, digestive disorders including IBS, eczema and asthma. It is particularly useful in balancing female issues such as cramps, endometriosis, fibroids, PMT, menopause, headaches and migraines, insomnia, thrush, candida and thyroid imbalance. In the mid stages of life there are often emotional issues where a person may feel lost, or that they are not living the life they want to live. Homoeopathy  would be most useful in such cases as it supports a person’s emotional and spiritual well-being.

For older people homoeopathy is commonly used to treat the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, gout, shingles, memory loss, general fatigue and the grief of maybe loosing a partner. Remember that homoeopathy can also be used for feelings of ‘not being quite right’ as it will lift the person energetically and the consultation process will help them work out where the balance may have been lost.


An initial consultation lasts about an hour where the case history is discussed and the body is tested using kinesiology muscle testing to determine if there are any allergic responses, dietary issues, or other issues relating to where the body is in need of help. Remedies are tested to check the bodies response to determine the course of action. Follow up consultations are normally needed in one month to assess areas of improvement and to continue building health. As is the case with all complementary medicine it is important  that symptoms should always be diagnosed with a specialist in the relevant area. Remedies are often taken alongside pharmacutecal medication and I will always insist the patient continues with their prescriptions as needed.