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Planetary Oxygen

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Oxygen is the primary element for virtually every life form on Earth. It is the foremost thing we need to survive, to which food and water are secondary. Centuries ago, when vast forests covered the Earth, and the healthy oceans teemed with life, the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere was 38%. That fact had been verified by analyzing bubbles trapped in amber (ancient pine sap) and by samples from deep core ice drilling.

The human body is supplied with oxygen through the process of oxidation. This essential life function allows proper metabolic activity, better circulation, assimilation, digestion, and elimination. It also plays a key role in purifying the blood by keeping it free of cellular waste build-up. Sufficient oxygen gives the body a chance to properly rebuild itself, and strengthen the immune system. On the other hand, oxygen deficiency creates an anaerobic environment in the body and can lead to anything from fatigue to life threatening disease. As a fish aquarium which has its oxygen pump turned off will immediately begin to grow algae, fungus, and mold; so will the oxygen-poor body becomes an environment in which unwanted organisms will flourish. In theory, if enough oxygen can be placed into the blood stream, given correct nutrition and waste removal, the aging process could be drastically slowed down. As people age, they tend to extract oxygen from the environment and transport it to the cells much less efficiently. The cellular machinery (cellular organelles) becomes damaged with age and cannot carry out their normal metabolic function. Some of the reasons for this inability to absorb and utilize oxygen include chronic muscle tension, shallow breathing, arteriosclerosis, lack of exercise and poor nutritional habits. The cumulative effect of these stresses is a decrease in oxygenation, blood circulation, and flow of nutrients to the diseased and compromised areas of the body.

Oxygenate your blood and cells today with the nourishing effects of a personal steam bath infused with activated Oxygen~Ozone.